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video: Wonder at Lendon Gray clinic - canter right (9.10.16)

video: Wonder at Lendon Gray clinic - trot right and canter (9.10.16)

video: Wonder at Lendon Gray clinic - canter left (9.10.16)

(September 10, 2016) Wonder and I had the great fortune to be able to attend another clinic with Lendon Gray at Carbery Fields in Lebanon, CT. It was especially helpful to demonstrate the progress we have been made since the last clinic and to be able to introduce new movements as we work up the levels. Lendon, once again, was extremely complimentary of the pony saying that her trot work was pretty much "there" (8 or 9) and felt her canter work was well on its way, with some more strength and time.


(August 27, 2016) Manoravon Master Muffin and Carolina Ahearn had a super first dressage outing at the Randy May Memorial show in Mansfield Center, CT. They earned  a  76.5% to win their leadline dressage class and Carolina was also the recipient of the Grandklds' award! I am especially proud of Carolina 's insistence that she do her test without a reader! Even at the youthful showing age of 5, she understands the value of preparation and the pride of execution.

video: Wonder at Carbery Fields, First Level Test 2 (7.17.16)

(July 17, 2016) Starkwood Wicked Wonder won her First Level Test 2 class at the Carbery Fields Dressage Schooling show with a score of 58.5% (Ann Guptil, judge).

MVHC - before the skies opened up!

(June 11, 2016) Wonder earned a 4th (59.5% - First Level Test 2), with 7s on gaits and the judge's comment of "talented pony!", at our first rated USDF show (Mystic Valley Hunt Club). It wasn't quite the outing we have been working toward, but it was a respectable start, and given the adverse conditions, understandable. I am super proud of the pony's workmanlike resolve even with rain pouring in her ears!

video: Wonder at MVHC Spring Dressage Show (6.11.16)


video: Wonder at Lendon Gray Clinic -trot left (June 7, 2016)

video: Wonder at Lendon Gray Clinic - trot right (June 7, 2016)

(June 7, 2016) What an education and an honor to clinic with Lendon Gray at Carbery Fields Farm!   Lendon was very complimentary about Wonder ("beautiful pony with lovely gaits") and she revealed a personal soft spot for New Forest Ponies: her first training opportunity, growing up in Maine, was breaking and training the New Forest Ponies owned by Mr. and Mrs. Piel (of Piels beer fame). The Piels, along with Mrs. Wilson (Mass) and the Holbrooks (Canada), were the first to import ponies from England in the 1950s!


video: Wonder- RideCritqueRide clinic at Carbery Fields Farm. May 15, 2016. First Level Test 2 (67.5%)


 (May 2016) Wonder is back in work after the winter off and will begin clinicing and showing this month! Sunday, May 15, 2016 we will be participating in a CDA Ride Critique Ride Clinic with Roberta Carleton at Liz Caron's lovely Carbery Fields in Lebanon, CT. Also, we will kick off the  2016 show season at the TSHA Dressage Schooling Show at the Woodstock Fairgrounds on Sunday, May 22, 2016 with our sites set on the Mystic Valley Hunt Club, Inc Spring Dressage Show in June.


 (November 2015) Starkwood Wicked Wonder won some year end awards from the local dressage schooling show series! She is Tristate Horsemen's Association Champion in Training Level Open and 5th in First Level Open! What a great way to cap off such a fun and successful, first (for me), dressage show season. I am very proud of this pony's trainability and impeccable work ethic and look forward to debuting at the rated shows next year.


 (August 29, 2015) We had a great time at the Randy May Memorial Dressage and Freestyle Show in Mansfield Center, CT! We met so many lovely people and horses and to top it off, Wonder earned the high score in the open division - winning the division with a 60.93% for her First Level Test 3 test and placing 3rd in the open division with a 60.23% for her Training Level Test 3 test! Ann Guptil was the judge.

link to video of Wonder's First Level Test 1 test at the Randy May Memorial Dressage show


(August 2, 2015) - At the TSHA Dressage show, I moved Wonder up to First Level - winning our First Level Test 1 class with a 60.93%. We also won our Training Level Test 3 class with a 61.82%. We still have work to do on settling in the show ring and improving connection, but since this is only our 4th dressage show, I am very pleased with our progress! 
Our next show will be the Randy May Memorial Dressage schooling show at Little Divide Farm in Mansfield Center, CT on August 29.

(July 18, 2015) Wonder and I earned a 4th in Training Level Test 3 with a score of 64.3% at Carbery Fields Farm Connecticut Dressage Association schooling show. Our next show will be TSHA Dressage at the Woodstock fairgrounds - Sunday, August 2, 2015.

link to video of Training Level Test 3 from Carbery Fields Farm CDA schooling show


(July 12, 2015) Our medium New Forest pony, Manoravon Master Muffin, has brought along yet another young rider from her very first riding lesson to her very first show! My 4 year old student, Carolina and Muffin debuted in lead line at the Carousel Farm Horse Show (Woodstock, CT). They kept their cool under pressure and held their own in a very competitive class. We are so proud of them both!


(June, 2015) - We took Wonder for a lesson with FEI trainer, Liz Caron at her Carbery Fields Farm in Lebanon, CT. We came away with some great exercises to encourage Wonder to relax her topline and stretch through her back into the contact.


(May 24, 2015) After a long, cold winter off, the 2015 show season officially kicked off with Wonder and I winning our Training Level Test 3 class at the TSHA Dressage schooling show (Woodstock Fairgrounds, Woodstock, CT) with a 61.14%!


(Sept 14, 2014) I rode Wonder in my first ever dressage show - we won our Training Level, Test 3 class at the Lollipop dressage schooling show with a score of 62.7%!

video: Wonder and Dana - Training Test 3


(August 31, 2014) Tatum and Muffin had a great showing at the Woodstock Fair. They got a 7th out of 21 in the pet pony equitation class. Great job Tate and Muffin!

video: Muffin and Tate, Woodstock Fair


(August 2014) Wonder just returned from a 2 month lease to students of Faith Hill Farm. We took her to Old Azud Farm for a school with Emma, while Haley Breen took some lovely photos. Thank you Emma and Haley!


(June 25, 2014) Wonder went to her first jumper show at Apple Knoll Farm and got great ribbons in big classes (2nd, 3rd, 5th and 6th out of 16). She marched around like a pro - we are proud of her and her rider! Thank you, Amalya! 

video: Wonder and Amolia - Apple Knoll Farm


(June 7, 2014) Kate Mancosh did a lovely job catch riding Wonder at the Mystic Valley Hunt Club Dressage show. They put in a respectable performance for the pony's first rated show and we were all particularly happy with how Wonder handled the atmosphere in the warmup ring. Special thanks to Pam Maloof of Faith Hill Farm for making this opportunity happen.

Muffin and Addie (Tri-State)

(June 2014) Our Manoravon Master Muffin and Woodstock Acres' student, Addie, were champions of the crossrail division at Tri-State Open horse show at Onceo, CT! Way to go Muffin and good riding Addie!


(May 2014) Wonder will be making her rated show debut with a NAJYRC rider at the Mystic Valley Hunt Club Dressage show, June 7. Check back for updates.


(May 2014) Wonder is back in work after the winter off. Tate will be taking Wonder to some off-property dressage lessons this spring to build on their progress last year. We are looking forward to a fruitful season. Wonder is available for sale or lease.

(copyright 2013 Haley Breen)

(Sept 15, 2013) Wonder and Tate earned first, second and third in Intro Test C, Intro Test B and Intro Test A at the Lollipop Dressage schooling show in Brooklyn, CT. This was their third show together and they keep inproving each time - they earned a 64% in Intro B with 7.0 for rider position and 7.5 for gaits!


(August 18, 2013) Manoravon Master Muffin and Emma Kate under the tutelage of Woodstock Acres Assistant Trainer, Kristen Bentley, earned the Reserve Championship in the leadline division at the TSHA Oneco, CT show! They won the leadline suitability class, were 2nd in the leadline trail and 6th in the leadline equitation - with 10 competitors in each class. Way to go! Thank you Woodstock Acres for taking such good care of our dear Muffin!

(copyright 2013, Haley Breen)

(copyright 2013, Haley Breen)

(copyright 2013. Haley Breen)

(August 4, 2013) Wonder and Tate were super at the TSHA dressage schooling show at the Woodstock Fairgrounds. They earned two fifth places in Intro A and Intro B with scores in the low 60s and high 50s. Thanks to Haley Breen for taking exceptional pctures of this photogenic pair!

video: TSHA dressage schooling show (8.4.13)- Intro Test B

(copyright 2013, Haley Breen)

(copyright 2013, Haley Breen)

dana warming up Wonder- Rich Wood clinic

(July 2013) Tate and Wonder attended a dressage clinic with Rich Wood at River Run in Chepachet, RI. They did a great job, despite an oppressive heat wave, and learned a lot: practicing prompt canter departs and free rein walk/trot. Their next show is TSHA dressage at the Woodstock Fairgrounds on Sunday, August 4 (10:16 and 11:55)

video: Rich Wood Clinic at River Run, RI (7.20.13)


(July 2013) Wonder and Tatum had their dressage debut at Lollipop farm and despite only running through the tests once before the show, won two 2nds with respectable scores in the 60s!

video: Lollipop dressage schooling show (7.7.13) - Intro Test A



(May 2013) Muffin does it again! Another rider's first show, this time Walk Trot, they win over 15 others! Congrats!

Wonder and Tatum, May 2013

(May 2013) Our home-bred large New Forest pony mare, Starkwood Wicked Wonder, is back in work after the winter off and doing great. We are excited about the up coming show season with Wonder and Tatum. Keep on the look out for this pair's show results! Wonder is currently offered for sale or lease.

Manoravon Master Muffin and Emma Kate

(May 2013) Our Canadian-bred medium New Forest Pony, Manoravon Master Muffin, is currently leased to Woodstock Acre and on May 5, she gave yet another young rider a successful show experience by being 1st and 2nd in Leadline at 7 year old Emma Kate's first show! Congrats Emma, and thanks to Woodstock Acres for taking such great care of our cherished Muffin.

Josie, Clinton and Clinton's breeder, Connie

(January 2013) Josie Arnold and Riddersholm Clinton won TWO 2012 year end awards from the New Forest Pony Society of North America (! They were Champion in English Equitation and Reserve Champion Hunter Pony Junior Flat/Over Fences! We are so pleased to have been able to have Josie and her family be such an integral part of the Starkwood team.


(September 2012) Clinton has sold. We were blessed to have had him in our lives for so long and are thrilled for his new owner!


(August 2012) Clinton is home, safe and sound from California and is enjoying taking care of even the littlest riders. We look forward to getting him additional show miles this fall.


(July 2012) Wonder has started going to shows this summer with some of Woodstock Acres' riders. She is is doing fabulous and mastering her changes. Clinton will be returning from his lease to the Arnold family at the end of July. We can't wait to see him again and thank Josie and the staff at Elvenstar for putting a solid, professional foundation on him

Starkwood Wicked Wonder 2012

(May 2012) After the winter off, Wonder is now back in work and boarded at Woodstock Acres where she is learning to be ridden by lots of different kids. She has settled in beautifully and is coming along great. We will kick off her show career this summer.

Riddersholm Clinton 2012

(Spring 2012) We keep getting positive updates about Clinton's progress in California as he is learning how to be a show pony. He and Josie, the young rider leasing him, have been to a few shows so far with very good ribbons.

Josie has set up Clinton's own facebook page - here is a link


(October 2011) Clinton left in the early morning hours for his trip cross country to his temporary new home at Elvenstar Farm in California! He is leased for 2011-2012 to the Arnold family and will start his show career with Josie in 2012. We are excited to watch this pair's progress.


(July 2011) Wonder spent two weeks at Ethel Walker to learn how to live off property. She behaved beautifully and quickly became a barn favorite. She was jumping quietly around small courses by the end of her stay.

R.I.P. Etoile (5.1.11 - 6.23.11)

(May 1, 2011) Polaris had a huge, beautiful filly at 6:15PM on May 1st!


(March 2011) Polaris, an RPSI mare we had started and sold a few years ago has ended up back home! She had gone on to have a stellar career as a hunter - getting ribbons in the best of company (WEF, HITS, Saratoga, Lake Placid) before an injury sidelined her. She is currently in foal to the stallion, Escapade (Escudo 1 X Graf Grannus) and is due May 6, 2011.



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